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Correct application of rotary vane vacuum pump

Correct application of rotary vane vacuum pump
Before using, you should read the product manual carefully first, and check the shipping quality after unpacking. Put away the spare parts and technical documents, and remove the exhaust port protection. Install, wire, and test steering as required. The water cooling pump receives water.

In order to avoid fuel injection due to oil return and reverse rotation, the pump port should be opened first, and the oil stored in the pump should be transferred to the fuel tank by hand according to the regular steering. At the same time, check the oil level, which should be above the center of the oil mark, but do not fill the oil mark, and release it if it is too much.

Auxiliary method for judging steering. Put the sheath upside down on the pump port, if it is sucked after the pump is turned on, it is positive, and if it is blown off, it is reverse. The normal sound is positive, and the abnormal sound is reverse.

If an inflatable solenoid valve is installed at the pump port, it should generally be installed horizontally and act simultaneously with the pump.

When the relative humidity is high or the pumped gas contains condensable steam such as water vapor, a gas ballast valve should be used.

Choose vacuum pump oil according to the manual recommendation. Note that ester vacuum pump oil cannot be mixed with mineral oil-type vacuum pump oil and other oils, and must be strictly cleaned before being replaced with ester vacuum pump oil.

Check the ultimate pressure of the pump with a compressed mercury vacuum gauge. All pressure gauges should pay attention to the paired calibration of the gauge and the gauge and the spare comparison gauge. It is recommended to install a ball valve between the regulator and the pump under test. Close the valve in case of accident, which can prolong the operation time of the regulation.

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