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How to repair the rotary vane vacuum pump?

Maintenance of rotary vane vacuum pump
l. First of all, we must understand the type, characteristics and current situation of the pump. Understand the application requirements and determine the maintenance purpose. Before stopping for repairs, get ready to test your wrist.

2. Identify faults and diagnose faults. Accurate judgment can save trouble. Confirmation is required for diagnosis.

3. To eliminate faults, first simplify and then complex, first easy and then difficult. Do not disassemble what does not need to be disassembled. To reduce new injuries caused by lack of special tools and improper operation, reduce position changes and run-in time. Generally speaking, the spliced rotor cannot be disassembled, otherwise the shape and position tolerance will not be guaranteed, and the rotor will be scrapped.

4. For poisonous, harmful and corrosive pumps, users should be asked to clean them first and inform them of necessary protective measures to ensure the health of maintenance personnel.

5. Fault classification
It is recommended to divide faults into operational faults and performance faults.
Operation failures can include pump not turning, pump temperature is too high, oil leakage, water leakage, maximum power exceeding the standard, etc.
Performance faults may include ultimate pressure, ultimate total pressure, exhaust efficiency, noise, fuel injection, gas ballast performance, etc. that are not up to standard or cannot meet requirements.

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