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Maintenance and maintenance of mechanical vacuum pumps

1. The pump and its surrounding environment should be kept clean frequently.

2. During the operation of the pump, the oil volume in the oil tank should not be lower than the center of the oil mark.

3. Vacuum pump oils of different types and grades cannot be mixed.

4. The temperature rise of the pump cannot exceed 70°C during use.

5. The oil of the new pump should be changed 1-2 times after about 100 hours of use. After the ferrous metal powder is no longer found in the replaced oil, the oil change period can be extended. The oil change period should be determined according to the specifications in the manual and the actual situation of use.

6. New pumps and repaired pumps should be tested for 4-6 hours first to check whether the pump meets the requirements for use.

7. After the pump has been used for a long time (ranging from 2-3 years), the ultimate vacuum degree will drop, and an inspection should be carried out. At the same time, the system, pipes, valves and motors should also be cleaned and repaired.

8. When the pump is in use, due to special accidents such as system damage, or when the air inlet is suddenly exposed to the atmosphere. The pump should be stopped as soon as possible. And cut off the vacuum pipeline connected to the system (close the low vacuum valve or clamp the vacuum clamp) to prevent oil spray and pollute the work site.

9. Do not disassemble all parts of the pump unless absolutely necessary.

10. When the pump is not in use, use a rubber plug (cap) to plug the air inlet to prevent dirt and hard objects from falling into the pump.

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