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Misunderstandings that need attention in the use of Roots pumps

1. The Roots vacuum pump must be equipped with a backing pump, and the Roots pump cannot be used alone.

2. The Roots pump is mostly used in the Roots vacuum unit, and its function is to increase the pumping speed and the vacuum degree of the backing pump. The Roots pump needs to be equipped with a bypass valve in the connection with the backing pump, which can effectively protect the Roots pump. If the pumping of the backing pump is unstable or other factors cause the entire unit to work abnormally, there is a bypass The Roots pump of the valve will protect the Roots pump at this time, thereby prolonging the life of the entire vacuum unit. The Roots vacuum pumps produced by Shanghai Feilu are equipped with bypass valves, so users can use them with confidence.

3. When choosing a Roots pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing method of the wearing parts of the Roots pump. The Roots pump adopts a mechanical seal, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of the Roots pump. If the Roots pump If the shaft sleeve seal is selected as the sealing method of the Roots pump, the working efficiency will be greatly reduced, so special attention should be paid when selecting the Roots pump.

4. If the vacuum degree decreases during the use of the Roots pump, the indispensable point to check at this time is whether the gap between the rotors of the Roots pump has changed. If the rotor gap of the Roots pump becomes larger, it needs to be replaced. Roots pump, because this type of Roots pump does not statically and dynamically balance the Roots pump rotor during production and processing, or uses a shaft sleeve seal.

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