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The main types of impeller damage of water ring vacuum pump

The types of blade damage of water ring vacuum pump are mainly broken blade, blade crack, blade corrosion or cavitation.

1. Leaf break
Mainly due to solids stuck in the pump, such as metal blocks, gravel, etc. When the impeller rotates, it hits the solid block or gets stuck by the solid and breaks the blade. In addition, due to the stress concentration at the root of the blade, the fatigue damage caused by the gas and hydraulic pressure in the small cavity of the pump. The impeller with damaged blades should be replaced in time, and the cause should be found out, and corresponding measures should be taken (for example, if the impeller is damaged due to insufficient strength, the number of blades can be increased).

2. Blade cracks
Usually occurs at the root of leaves. Most of them are fatigue cracks, and some are casting cracks caused by the huge difference in the size of the blade and the hub. The impeller with cracks should be replaced to prevent the blades from breaking and causing accidents.

3. Abrasion of blades
The impeller that is corroded due to the conveying of corrosive gas or liquid, or the liquid ring contains solid impurities and is damaged by friction with the surface of the impeller, or the impeller damaged due to cavitation, should be replaced in serious cases. If the damage is not serious, it can be replaced. Repair by repair welding. During repair welding, the impeller can be heated to 600 ℃, and then repair welding is performed. The size of the blade gun after repair welding is increased, and it must be processed to the original size with a file or on a lathe, otherwise the original performance will be affected.

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