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Under what conditions should the vacuum pump be best used?

(1) The choice of vacuum pump should be selected according to the specific process of the user, such as whether the degree of vacuum, the size of the pumping rate, and the choice of power supply voltage are appropriate.

(2) The vacuum pump should be cleaned and oil changed regularly. Especially for rotary vane vacuum pumps, kerosene or straight-run gasoline should be used for cleaning. When changing the oil, 100# or 1# clean vacuum pump oil should be selected. If it is replaced with other oil, it will seriously affect the vacuum degree. The vacuum pump should be placed in a clean and dry place.

(3) The connecting pipeline between the vacuum pump and the user system should be short and thick, and elbows should be minimized. If there are elbows, all joints should be tightly sealed to ensure no air leakage.

(4) The temperature of the gas pumped by the vacuum pump is also limited. For example, when the temperature of the gas pumped by the water ring vacuum pump is higher than 40 °C, a gas cooling device should be added. If there are droplets, a condensation dehumidification device should be added. If the pumped gas is corrosive or chemically reacts with oil, the material of the vacuum pump should be selected.

(5) Before turning on the pump, check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct (when checking the direction, the transmission belt should be removed first to prevent the oil from being ejected when the motor is reversed), the inspection method of rotary vane vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump It is different, and it is necessary to check whether the lubrication system is reliable and whether the oil quantity is appropriate.

(6) The oil temperature of the vacuum pump should not exceed 75℃ during operation, and there should not be too much noise and vibration, otherwise it should be shut down for maintenance.

(7) When the pump is stopped, the valve connecting to the vacuum system should be closed first, and the vent valve should be opened to prevent the pump oil from being sucked back into the vacuum system, and then cut off the power of the motor.

To sum up, the service life of the vacuum pump is not only related to the quality of the vacuum pump itself, but also requires the user to use it in strict accordance with the requirements of our factory. It is not allowed to disassemble or operate the pump without permission.

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