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Use of rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump is not suitable for pumping out gas with high oxygen content, explosiveness, corrosiveness and dust. If it must work in this situation, corresponding measures such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and dust-proof should be taken.
A new pump or a repaired pump should be subjected to a separate pumping test first, and recorded for future maintenance reference.

Turn on the cooling water, start intermittently (but not too many times, otherwise the motor will be burned out), make the pump rotate slowly, and start running after the oil in the pump cavity is removed.

When pumping out the condensable gas, the gas ballast valve should be opened to avoid the steam condensing and affecting the performance of the pump. When the condensable gas has been eliminated, the gas ballast valve should be closed in time.

The pump should always pay attention to the sound during operation, depending on whether the motor load is correct or not. Under normal conditions, only the sound of the valve flap opening and closing can be heard.

Before stopping the pump, the valve above the suction port of the pump must be closed to disconnect the pump from the vacuum system, and then stop and stop the cooling water.

When the water-cooled pump is not working, if the air temperature is less than 5°C, the cooling water in the pump body must be released to avoid freezing and cracking.

Normal maintenance should keep the vacuum pump and the surrounding environment clean. If some oil splashes out, causing the oil level to drop and affecting the performance of the pump, you can pay attention to replenish it in time. Change the oil once every 100~150 hours when the new pump works, and it can be determined according to the specific situation in the future. The oil change operation is to drain the old oil first, then put a small amount of new oil from the exhaust port to flush the pump cavity, then start the pump, and release it after a few minutes. If the oil released is not clean, put in new oil again until the oil released from the pump is clean.

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