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What are the requirements of vacuum pump for lubricating oil?

In fact, there are various factors that affect the vacuum degree of the vacuum pump, such as the sealing method, the gap of the accessories, the quality of the material, etc. This article mainly explains the requirements for the lubricating oil of the vacuum pump, because the quality of the oil will also affect the vacuum degree of the vacuum pump. The following The three points are about the requirements of the vacuum pump for lubricating oil.

(1) Appropriate viscosity: the viscosity of the oil is too small, the lubricity cannot meet the requirements, the sealing performance is not good, the viscosity is too large, the internal friction is large, the rotor is difficult to rotate, the kinetic energy consumption increases, and the oil temperature also increases. . The rise of oil temperature will accelerate the oxidative deterioration of oil products, especially for rotary vane vacuum pumps.

(2) Low saturated vapor pressure: The "vapor pressure" index of the oil is low, so that it is not easy to evaporate under the working conditions of low pressure and high temperature in the vacuum pump, so as to ensure the required vacuum degree.

(3) The anti-oxidation stability is better, and the oil in use is not easy to be oxidized and deteriorated.

Generally, vacuum pump oil is used for vacuum pump. At present, the domestic vacuum pump oil is only No. 1, which is deeply refined from natural crude oil. It plays the role of lubricating and sealing in the vacuum pump.

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