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Thoughts on the team building of Development Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd.

On November 9, 2021, the company organized all employees and their families to carry out the autumn expansion team building activities. Thank the company for preparing us with the theme of "gathering team strength and promoting enterprise development". Not only did it exercise the body, but also learned. In all aspects of life and workplace. I particularly like the definition of instructor Chen’s team building activities: team building activities are outdoor experiential learning, not dictated learning, but collective participation and learning in practice, so that what we learn from it is relevant in life and Working and learning are useful.
In addition to visiting the beautiful scenery of the golden autumn, the employees of the company were divided into three teams to compete, and the team with the shortest time won the victory. The first challenge is "Drumming the ball". The equipment is a big drum with more than a dozen ropes and a tennis ball. Everyone pulls 1-2 ropes to make the ball hit 10 times at the requirement of more than 20 cm from the drum surface. Landing, otherwise you have to start from 0 again. The game is a test of teamwork, everyone's strength must be just right, otherwise too loose or too tight will affect the movement of the drum and cause the ball to not fall on the drum surface. All three teams in this game have spent a lot of effort. In our work, sometimes things are difficult and cannot be completed by one person. It made me understand a truth: in front of the team, a person's power is small, and a person's success cannot be separated from the team's assistance.

The second challenge is to "take the stick". This game is very interesting. The players form a circle. Everyone holds a stick in his hand. You can't wrap it with your hand or press it with your fingers. You have to touch it with your palms, and then listen to the password. Take the stick of the previous person and do not fall to the ground or start again. This makes us have to release and pick up almost at the same time, which is still a test of tacit understanding and speed. The team members spent some time experimenting and communicating to find a way to succeed. This game reveals profound truths in a simple way, allowing people to understand the very important things at work: team, communication and methods. And more deeply realized that in the face of daily work problems, we should give full play to the strength of the team and strengthen communication.

The third challenge is "catch the ball." Each person holds a semicircular tube, puts it on top of the tube of the next person, and buckles the table tennis ball on the tube, and passes the ball as soon as possible within the range to the cup on the ground. In this project, it is stipulated that players cannot deliberately slow down. After passing the ball, one person needs to run to the back to continue receiving the ball. The speed must be caught and the orderly relay between the players. If one person is wrong, it will easily cause the ball to stop. Or landing, and the final fall into the cup also requires skill, otherwise the ball will run out of bounds and have to come back, so the last person is also very important. This project makes people deeply understand: Don’t give up after failure, sum up the experience and lessons of failure, and you will be able to succeed in the end! I feel from the three games: There is a belief, no matter how difficult, only choose to persist, and then persist, success will beckon to you.

As the world’s richest man Bill Gates said: “Small success depends on the individual, great success depends on the team.” The eagle soars in the blue sky. Its sharp eyes and sharp claws can catch the galloping rabbit on the ground, but it cannot escape the hunter’s gun. mouth. Although the big geese do not have the huge body and sharp claws of an eagle, the migrating geese use the characters "people" and "one" to show us the spirit of teamwork. The success of a team requires the concerted efforts of everyone to achieve complete success.

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